• Celebrating Love

Celebrating Love

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I believe in everybody’s right to be happy. I believe every individual matters. I believe love is love, and it is capable of being in any shape or form. This weekend I witnessed a day where millions of people once a year, can feel like home. It is more than just a night out with friends. We feel free. We feel loved. This weekend we celebrated our differences, and we celebrated love. I saw the look of others eyes that day, excitement and pure joy. My friend told me ”I feel like I can be myself”, and it really put my day into perspective.

For all these years, the gay pride festival has been just another event in our town. Now I fully understand the purpose of it. I have always been supportive of gay rights, I just never really understood that the gay pride festival was more than that. It is about human rights and diversity. Together we are stronger, our weaknesses are somebody else’s strengths. Being afraid of what is considered different only makes us segregated. This is a day that proves nobody needs to feel alone, be whoever, because you are loved and valuable.



John Mayer, Stockholm
Shawn Mendes, Stockholm