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Travel Diary: Amsterdam & Paris – Maya Salmikivi
  • Travel Diary: Amsterdam & Paris
  • Travel Diary: Amsterdam & Paris
  • Travel Diary: Amsterdam & Paris
  • Travel Diary: Amsterdam & Paris

Travel Diary: Amsterdam & Paris

Posted In: Travel
Things did not go as planned at all. First day in Amsterdam was basically just for re-exploring the city, since it had been about ten years since our last visit. Ever since before er left for our road trip I new I needed to take the classic picture of the canals with bikes leaning against the bridges. I was truly surprised of how many people that actually take there bike or drive a vespa in Amsterdam, they were everywhere. The following day was originally planned with a The 1975 concert in the evening, but I got really sick and could barely manage to move anywhere. Therefore, those plans got cancelled and we did not go to the show, which now afterwards feels a bit comedic since we booked our hotel right next to the arena because we had planned this concert for months.
The next morning I was feeling upset after missing my favorite bands’ show. We were heading towards Giverny that day, and I checked out The 1975’s tour dates, and they were playing in Paris that same day. We then completely changed our plans, drove to Paris where we then ran around the metro stations in order to make it to the show on time. We never got time to see the city of love, since we were in such hurry, but I did for sure feel the love when we finally made it to the concert. Afterwards we took the trains back to the airport Charles de Gaulle where we had left our car, and then drove 2 hours at midnight to our hotel near Giverny. Our plans got saved, and the experience maybe even turned out better than we had originally thought with some additional adventures.

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