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John Mayer, Stockholm – Maya Salmikivi
  • John Mayer, Stockholm
  • John Mayer, Stockholm
  • John Mayer, Stockholm
  • John Mayer, Stockholm

John Mayer, Stockholm

Posted In: Entertainment

May 7th was John Mayers comeback to Sweden after four long years. Or really to me, it was about two long years, since I hadn’t discovered his music before that. Now, he is one of my all time favourite artists. I truly see him as a musical and artistic genius, and the concert truly proved that statement.

The tour was called ”The Search for Everything”, which matches the title of his new album. He opens up the show by playing ”Waiting On the World to Change”, a classic. The whole show was divided into chapters, which I thought was absolutely brilliant. I had never seen such before. The chapters mostly divided the show into the different parts with who John Mayer was going to jam with. It could be full house with the whole band, playing acoustic versions by himself or bringing back the John Mayer Trio.

There’s a lot of guitar going on, which I don’t really mind since he is incredibly skilled in that area. He extended lots of the songs to add new guitar solos and sounds. I feel like that made the show a whole lot more interesting since you didn’t know what to expect.

He ended his concert by playing ”You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me”, and it was just the perfect ending. The stage had turned white, and there was only him on it with a piano. It was definitely a show worth watching, and totally worth the long drive home at midnight on a weekday.

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